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Garden Carpentry are out door carpentry specialists. Our main area of work is in designing and constructing Timber decks, that create unique and practical outdoor living spaces and enhance your property. These include balconies, bridges and domestic decking. Caravan decking, and fencing work. We also design and build sheds, garden buildings and most garden based wooden products

Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter decking update

Happy Easter folks. Its been a strange past month, with snow, ice plenty of rain and generally challenging working conditions!
We had a lot of caravan decks booked in to be completed by Easter so its been all go!

Here's a few things we've been doing between sheltering!

So Caravan season is all go, We fitted three new decks and boxed off 4 caravans at Bryn Uchel caravan park over March. They've been working very hard over the winter to re-landscape the park and the site is looking great. All new caravans are fitted with the same style of decking which really helps keeps the standard of the park high.

caravan decking and skirting wales

 Here's a deck we cleaned up, revamped and built a new sturdy rail/fence around in Aberdyfi. We also added a storage cupboard.

decking and fencing wales
As you can see from the before photo, its quite a result! Its a far lighter, brighter and nicer area to make the most of being outside now. 

decking cleaning

We've always prided ourselves on building rock solid decks. We build all our jobs to regulation specification, or above, (as with house/building construction.) Lots of other deck builders, especially on caravan parks scrimp on timber and it shows on the finished products. 

So here's a deck we built 10 years ago near Tywyn. During recent 100mph + winds a number of oak trees fell down on this site causing a lot of damage. I'm pleased to say that other than a small repair to the hand rail, there was no damage done to the decking! BUILT TO LAST! 

fallen oak on deck

caravan decking West Wales

We have lots of work booked in for the next couple of months, heaps of Timber decks on houses and caravans; a couple of nice outdoor buildings and a very funky Man-cave to name a few. 

Check out our photo galleries for more decking images here 

Thanks for taking a look

Friday, 2 March 2018

Larch Timber Decking

You wouldn't believe it today with thick snow and 100mph winds but spring is just around the corner, (isnt it?) So were busy getting people's gardens ready for enjoying outdoor living. 

Here's a picture of a lovely Larch deck we've recently finished in Borth. The larch planks give the deck more grip than treated deck boards and a great natural look as well. As an extra bonus they come from a local supplier, so keep transport miles to a minimum. 

Larch timber deck Borth

Here's a before and after image, showing the 3 different levels and relatively unusable space prior to installing the approximately 40 square meter timber deck. We dug out the patio areas to ensure the deck had enough space for substantial frame work, (6x2 and 4x3 timbers) and also additional space to allow air flow underneath the deck, which is essential for longevity of the timber. 
Hope you like it!

Before and after deck image

No finished photo of this weeks sloping garden deck over near Dinas Mawddwy. The weather got the better of us and after two days of working in sub zero temps we've given up until next week! Lets hope it warms up now...

Snowy deck construction wales

Stay warm and safe out there folks! If you would like a quote on storm damaged Fences or sheds drop us a line or call us on 07739031593

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Decks, planters and garden buildings

Its been a busy winter and we've had a great variety of work to get through! We've had two hard wood decks; one in balau one in Gum tree. Some planters ready for next spring in corrugated sheets and timber, and a a really great deck on a massive double unit caravan/chalet.

Heres a selection of pics

To start with here an inside / outside deck we build in Balau hardwood, around this great glass garden building near Shrewsbury.

Garden building and deck

Bordered Balau deck boards, smooth side up

Balau decking

 Another hardwood deck, this one in Spotted Gum hardwood. A very popular wood in Australia, where I was lucky enough to visit in November and build a deck whilst there, talk about a bus mans holiday!

Spotted Gum decking

Here's a stunning Willerby New Hampshire holiday home e recently had the pleasure of working on. We designed a deck that complimented the large caravan and gave the owners all day sun and awesome views. 

 ‘Willerby New Hampshire’ decking

Decking rails with internal planters

caravan decking wales

Stunning views at Penmaenbach caravan park, Pennal, near Aberdovey

Caravan deck penmaenbach

Moving on..
Here's a trio of garden planters made using corrugated and galvanised sheets and timber. 

Corrugated garden planters

Thanks for taking a look at our latest garden carpentry projects. Over the next months we have decks in treated timber and Larch, garden buildings, disabled non slip access ramps and more to build, so please subscribe to our website or follow us on facebook if you'd like to stay up to date. Drop us a line on 07739031593 if you'd like a quote

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Anti Slip Decking and more...

So I'm currently away in Australia, but its not all holiday and Im building a lovely hardwood deck in 'spotted Gum' hardwood while I'm here; photos to follow once Im done.

One of Octobers jobs was a Access ramp for use with a wheel chair in Aberystwyth; the only choice for decking on this job was to use Anti Slip deck boards. These are timber deck boards with integrated strips of resin and grit. This creates a very durable and especially grippy surface to walk on, which is needed when walking or using a wheel chair on a slope

The ramp/platform was built above required regulations needed for such a construction, as we wanted to make sure that turning circles for a wheel chair were easily achievable.

Wheel chair access decking

With a less than 1:16 ratio along the sloping part of the access platform, its ensured a very easy slope to use a wheel chair along.

Decking disabled ramp

Making the ramp from wood, not concrete was both quicker and cheaper, and we like to think it enhances the garden as well.

Anti slip deck boards

Super tough anti slip sections ensure the deck boards are grippy in any weather conditions. Our saw blades really didn't like cutting these boards! 

We're now fully booked for the rest of 2017 and are taking bookings for January 2018 and the rest of next year, please give is a call for a free and competitive quote 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Glass decking rails

Here's a recent job we've built along the Dulas river at Corris caravan park.  The owners wanted to keep their great view of the river and mountain behind it, without compromising the safety of their children and themselves. We used 10mm toughened glass panels custom cut, mounted inside wooden posts with a planed finished top rail. 

Decking glass railings

Glass decking rails

Glass decking rails Wales

Oh another site near Holiday park near Tywyn, we built this multi level timber deck to utilise the otherwise useless sloping area behind it, and provide easy access...

Timber decking wales

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Big slopes in Shrewsbury

Hows this for extending your gardens useable space...

As you can see in the before image, the rear of this property had a large slope, (approx 6 meters over 6 meters), it now has a 50 + square meter decking area.

Sloping deck

Aerial photo of the completed decking with fence panels cut down to link up the lawn and the balcony area

15 meters x 5-7 meters in width, the drop over the front is approx 5 meters

Hope you like this great decking area. Although were based in Wales we regularly work around border towns such as Shrewsbury, Chester, etc. Give us a call or drop us an email on flywithshem@hotmail.com to chat over any ideas

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Silly season update!

So August is here and its right in the middle of silly season for us as per usual.

Were having a really busy year building house and caravan decks, building Garden Buildings and a few other bits n bobs.

We've been working mainly around the Dyfi valley area, around Aberystwyth, Borth and Aberdyfi this past month, here's a few of our recent jobs

Here's another one of our custom design and build garden buildings combined with a 30 square meter decking area. 13x10 foot with a generous 3 foot overhanging roof.
Fed up of planning BBQ's then having to cancel, no problem, just move inside.

Cedar and pine garden studio

The Cedar shingle roof provides a great appearance and with a 40 year warranty given on the shingles it'll outlast most shed roofs!

Cedar roof shed

Pub sheds are big right now, and this slate topped drinks bar is just the ticket for serving up GnTs or fine ales!

Slate top bar

We've also made a few sets of gates recently. Here's a large pair in Aberdyfi

Custom gates Wales

Custom carpentry Aberdovey

We really enjoyed making this lovely Larch timber deck just south of Aberystwyth. Chosen for his hard wearing properties, great colour and because its grown locally in the Dyfi forest, this timber has only travelled 25 miles miles from source, a real carbon zero timber deck!

Larch timber deck wales

Thanks for taking a read. Lots more projects in the pipe line and well get photos up as soon as we get finished. be sure to drop us a line or call Shem on 07739031593 if you'd like a free quote. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Garden building and sheds

Although Decking is our general daily builds, we also love building outdoor buildings.
We've recently built up a few flat pack sheds and garden studios for people and it reminded us exactly why we hate doing that! They're usually flimsy, badly prepared, not treated or even suitable for some of our harsh uk weather... I could go on.

This prompted me to start building a few more high quality sheds, or garden buildings. These are built to last! are so solid you could insulate and line them if you wanted to use them as an office or anex to your property.

Here's one we just finished building. the body is treated softwood and the roof is cedar shingles, a very durable alternative to traditional roofing slate

Each of our garden buildings are built to a custom spec and individually hand constructed. We don't use kits or sell flat packs.

Garden building wales
custom build summer house
custom shed Wales

Well have more examples of our garden building here over the next few weeks, with flat roof and other designs that we build now before summer really kicks in, (or so I hope)

As per usual we are still busy serving mid and west wales with timber decking design and build services so please don't hesitate to give s a call for a free quote

Monday, 10 April 2017

April 2017 decking update

Loads of decks on the go over the last Month. We've been working all over the place with Decks being built in Pembroke, Shrewsbury and locally around Aberdyfi, Borth and Machynlleth. Here's a few pics of recent jobs.

Here's a 9.6 x 3 meter deck near Aberdovey and Pennal - a really good size deck and great value for money

Pre clearing up, this 22 square meter deck has gates and steps both ends for ease of use and to keep the family dog from wandering around the caravan park in Brithdir near Dolgellau.

Custom made security gates with stainless steel locks that allow opening from both sides. 

Finally, here's a caravan boxed off using 125mm deck boards and steps to match designed to fit in with the slope of the newly contoured bank, (grass yet to grow)

Hope you like this selection of last months work...

Monday, 27 February 2017

Spring is in the air, lets get outside

March is just a day away, and it's time to start enjoying some outdoor living. After a mild start to the year were already busy building new timber decks in peoples gardens and yards in readiness for making the most of spring and summer.

Here's a recent Balcony we built near Shrewsbury. The owners had spent years looking out of windows at the amazing rural view they had before realising that a raised timber deck would allow them to open up their living room and enjoy the view from outside.

Timber deck balcony Shrewsburry

The deck provided a 18-Square meter area and was built from start to finish in two days. A very affordable way to create a great space. 

Decking Shrewsburry

Here's a follow up from a deck we built back in November in Tywyn, near Aberdovey. As planned this large high level deck has now had a conservatory fitted. 
Interested in a similar affordable extension? Give us a call for a free quote on 07739031593

Were always interested in your ideas and love a challenge so please give us a call or write us an email if you'd like us to look at your proposal. We work all over Wales and England building timber decks and creating other outdoor living spaces and buildings. Thanks for taking a look...

Decking conservatory Tywyn

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Creating unique outdoor spaces - Turning a bathroom into a sun terrace

We love a challenge here at Garden Carpentry, and this job certainly created one! 
As with many old welsh cottage, the original toilet block for this cottage was located outside of the property at the bottom of the garden. This one just happened to be raised eight foot above ground level! with the property having been modernised previously this small but useful space, (12x8 foot) had been forgotten and become over grown. 

Our brief was to create a sun terrace type garden in what was the toilet block! 

We started by removing the outer wall.

stone wall

A window was replaced by a door by a local double glassing company, allowing external access. This left a gap of around 5 foot between the door and the old bathroom area.

new door

Here the initial view looking out of the house can be seen, staring at an old wall and our ladder highlighting the gap between the property and the previously hidden space.

Beneath you can see the access onto the new timber decking area.
sun terrace ynyslas - decking

The final result was a 16x8 foot decking area with integrated bench and a combination of fence and railing to ensure privacy for both the deck owner and the neighbours. 

Decking sun terrace Borth

Heres' a before and after looking back at the property 

Timber decking with fence Aberdyfi

... and looking in the opposite direction at the old toilet bowls and now the useful decking area. 

 To add some scale to the job, here's the view looking up at the decking from the alley below.

Before and after decking photo

Have you got an area of your garden or house you'd like to improve? Call us to arrange a free site visit and quote on 07739031593